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Mr. Olson & Home Renovations

             We recently hired your business and staff to install steel siding on our home, which proved to be A GREAT EXPERIENCE.  First of all, we requested several bids along with the knowledge of each business salesmen because we knew nothing about the products on the market, installation, warranty and cost involved.  Mr. Lance Palagi came to our home and provided the kind of information we desired and decided that we would work with HOME RENNOVATIONS to perform our remodel.  We would like to say that lance is an excellent representative to your organization and handles business very professionally is most courteous respectful, and prompt in lining up and moving foreword in getting things done, you have a good man here.
            Lance also pointed out that the work crew at home rennovations were highly experienced and most capable which we came to find out as being very accurate.  Following our business proposition, Tyson horner came to our home to evaluate the installation and explained how things would go.  He pointed out that his work crews were very capable and professional and would complete the work to our satisfaction.  We were very impressed with Tyson and he satisfied his position as he said he would do.  The work crews consisted of Chris, George, Ben, and eddie. as well as Tyson himself.  All of these men are a credit to you and your business.  They were at all times eager to arrive and perform their duties without question or complaint as well as idleness.  I have been around many construction workers and your crews are a pleasure to have around and were always willing to answer questions and explain what was taking place to our satisfaction.  I would like to point out that we would leave access to our home open to them for bathroom use, we provided free drinks and at times snacks or lunch to help out.  At no time did we have a concern of their honesty or trust and we enjoyed each of them completely.  You are most fortunate to have these good men working for you.
We took photographs routinely showing the progress and those involved as this was an exciting and large project for our home which we hold dear.  We made a number of copies for you, lance, and each of the workman to do with as each of you see fit.  It may help you along with future business in our community and elsewhere.
Our thanks to you and your staff for a job well done.  Only one problem was discovered which we shared with lance to have taken care of and it was of a minor nature.  We do appreciate you taking good care of us.
Duane and diann Halvorson
Dear zack & Home Renovations staff and crew
      We have spent some time together over the past year in regards to several housing projects,  Most recently and notably was the completion of my newly remodeled kitchen.  I am writing to say that it was a pleasure working with your company during the construction project.  From the beginning to end you have been very responsive to my questions, suggestions, and work change orders.  In particular, you were able to rectify the few bumbs along the way.
      You have a true craftsman in dave.  He was very particular to detail in the project which is why the finished product was beautiful.  Moreover, I appreciate how patient he was with me as well as the cats.  Especially since one of them walked through the wet floor mud…….twice.
      Needless to say, I love the kitchen, similarly, I am very satisfied with the two roofing projects, siding, fascia, and soffit completed with your company.
                          Kim Dunlap